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This Is Our Christmas - Brand Placement, Sponsorships, PR
Benev Beauty Product - Business, Marketing & PR Management
Samantha Goldberg - TV Placement, Online PR & Blog Features
Barbie Girl Remake, Tori V - Campaign Creative Producer 
(filmed by ZANE Productions)
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Over 140 Million Views!

From less than 100 followers on YouTube to over 300,000!


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Prior to working with ICT (Holly Davidson), Tori V's videos brought in an average of 15,000 views. After working with ICT, the concept brought in over a hundred million views and 300,000 subscribers, finally helping her brand generate profit.

Austin Edwards - PR & Strategic Communications
BeRemarkable - TV Placement
GIVA KID - Sponsorship & Blog Features
Marni Becker-Avin - Online PR & Blog Features
Artist Reuben Cannon - Online PR & Blog Features
Body Groove - PR & Social Media 
EinDrink - Features & Radio Interview
William Constantine, The Life Coach with A Sixth Sense - PR 

Featured In (click on the links to see the articles)

- Hollywood Tattle Tale

- Komen LA County (Official Sponsor)

- Demigoddess Chronicle

Viora Medical Solutions - Business, Marketing & PR Management 

Featured In (click on the links to see the articles)

- Huffington Post

- Las Vegas Informer

- Splash Magazines

Dancing For Dollars - PR & Social Media Marketing

CLICK HERE to watch the full interview.

Featured In (click on the links to see the articles)

- Huffington Post

- Splash Magazine

- Los Vegas Informer

- LA Story

- LA Story (second feature)

- Thrive Global

- Hollywood Daily Star

Nike - Advertising Campaign
FaceCamp - Product Launch Campaign (produced by ZANE Productions) 
Korr A - Music Artist PR Management
Christmas Is Joy TV Special - Production & Publicity
Lavha - Campaign Creative Producer (produced by ZANE Productions)
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